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NEW REALM Attention Aquaticrafters, we have a NEW REALM! Bedwars is now open to the public! You can right-click the npc or join with the server selector.    Note: this realm is not apart of the AquatiCraft network Bedrock support beta. Please use Java edition to play Bedwars
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The AquatiCraft network allows cross-platform play between the Java Edition of Minecraft and the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. We also offer optional account linking for those who play both Java and Bedrock Edition. This can be useful if you want a seamless experience between devices. This also allows you to purchase ranks and use all the voting sites on Bedrock Edition (some of the sites work, but not all of them. Learn more HERE). Follow this step by step guide:1) Log into the AquatiCraft Network on Java Edition2) Once you are on Java Edition, type "/linkaccount [gamertag]"   -When typing your Bedrock Edition username, make sure to include the * in the front (also, any spaces are replaced with underscores)3) Once you run the command, you will be given another command to run on Bedrock Edition.4) Log into the AquatiCraft Network on Bedrock Edition, but do not log out on Java Edition5) Once you are on Bedrock Edition, run the command that was given to you earlier6) Once you run the command, you will be kicked out of the game on Bedrock Edition. You can now log out on Java Edition and enjoy seamless gameplay between devices!WARNING: Any progress on your Bedrock account will not be carried over to your Java account! Save any items in your Java inventory first. If you change your mind and want to unlink your account, you can run "/unlinkaccount".
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**MAJOR CHANGES FOR AQUATICRAFT**   Hello, Its your local GD here! We have two BIG announcements for the future of the network. Read on to learn more:   First, WE ARE NOT CLOSING! This is poggers news.   Second, We are announcing BETA BEDROCK SUPPORT for Aquaticraft! This is currently working on SkyMania and Hub. Please note that this is a BETA and things will not be perfect. You can also link your java and bedrock accounts! Type ``/linkaccount`` on Java Edition for more info, View the attached screenshot for how to join on Bedrock Edition Since this is a BETA and AquatiCraft is natively intended to be used for the Java Edition, EXPECT BUGS while using Bedrock Edition.   I hope you guys continue to support us! News on Bedwars release is very soon btw
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SkyMania Bug Fix Update   Hello! Just a minor bug fix/change update. Due to this, the version number isn't changing yet. Lets get into it!   Changes: +Added a Key Collector near the caved in Lost Cavern   -You can trade in any existing halloween keys into legendary keys +Changed voting messages from yellow to green   -This was an oversight from SpookMania that was just never changed +Staff ranks are now shown in tab instead of showing ``STAFF`` in yellow text   -This is a network wide change     Thats literally it. Have a good new year everyone!
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NOTE: This feature is available to DIAMOND rank and above. You can purchase a rank HEREAre you wanting to use chat emojis? Well, you have come to the right place: This spigot page will show you all the emojis you can use:
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