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SPOOKMANIA | THE SPOOKY UPDATE   It's the time we've all been waiting for! From today to October 31st, SkyMania has been SPOOKIFIED! Make sure to join and feel the SPOOKINESS!   Here are some changes we've made: +Revamped the spawn!    -It is now SPOOKY +SpookMaster Jack has arrived! Finish his quest for an awesome prize.   -SpookMaster Jack is located in the pumpkin at spawn +The Travelling seller now has new gear!   -He is located inside the pumpkin +Revamped the SkyBlock menu   -It is now named the Spooky Menu   -It is also faster! +Added Halloween Crate   -Keys will be obtainable throughout the month in the SpookMaster's shop! After SpookMania, these keys will be unobtainable. The crate will be usable until SkyMania 1.0 +Tab has been recolored to fit the SPOOKY VIBES! +Added masks   -More will come overtime, but for now you can get them from the SpookMaster   -Masks are purely cosmetic and give no advantage ingame +More spawners   -We have added the Blaze and Zombie Pigman spawners to the spawner shop +Shop changes   -Toolsmith is now the Weaponsmith and uses our new shop system instead of the old one   -Keys merchant now has a smaller GUI and the keys are arranged horizontally +Gold Goblin now has gold nuggets +Vote links are now located on our forums! Type /vote for more info!   Bug Fixes: -The minions' code has been revamped, some minions might be frozen, to fix this just break them and place them back. -Removed the ability to upgrade spawners by right-clicking it   -We did this because it uses a GLOBAL cost instead of a cost per spawner. This is to prevent players from overspending on their spawner upgrades (I'll fix this one later!)   Don't forget that we have a MEGA SALE going on! Consider supporting the server by purchasing a rank:
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SkyMania BETA 0.6.1 | The COLOR Update   Changelog: * MANY Optimization Improvements and Bug fixes  - Hoppers are now more monitored for lag  - Redstone clocks are now being monitored for lag  - Island chunks will be unloaded when no one is found on them (use AFK machines if you want your minions to keep work) * Moved the Online Players counter to the Scoreboard * Modified Server Vote List (added more servers) + Added Tim the flower to the uncommon crate + Added the Flower and Dye Merchant + Added the "Current Realm" info to the tab list for a future update
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