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Started by realaj_

SkyMania RELEASE v1.0 | "The Beginning" Update


Hey hey hey everyone! The time has finally come.... its the beginning of the new chapter of SkyMania. Read the full changelog below!



+Changed SkyBlock cores

  -This means that your island has been reset. However, inventories, enderchests, and player vaults have not been reset.

+Revamped Bank System

  -Its now tied into the new SkyBlock core.

  -Any bank balance from the old bank system has been deposited into your personal account balance.

+Sell wands

  -Left click a chest with a sell wand to see how many items are in it and its sell value.

  -Right click a chest with a sell wand to sell the items in a chest.

  -You can only use sell wands on chests on your island.

+Revamped Auction House

  -The entire auction house has been revamped (literally everything about it has changed)

  -There is also a new merchant on the second floor of the Auction House, which is....

+The Mechanic

  -He only sells one item as of now. This item is...

+Grappling Hooks!

  -They cost $300,000 and can be used 50 times.

  -Right click with the Grappling Hook and let the "hook" land on the ground. Then right click and FLY!

+Revamped Obsidian Mine

  -It's bigger and better!

  -The Obsidian Warden has changed from an Enderman to a Wither Skeleton.

+Spawn changes

  -The lost cavern has unexpectedly caved in and the halloween crate is no longer available.

+Block Stacking

  -Stack valuable blocks by right-clicking, like you usually would to place something.

  -Right-click while holding shift to place blocks without stacking.

  -There is no limit to how many blocks can be added to a stack.

+HUGE Performance boosts!

+Many bug fixes!

I hope you all enjoy the biggest SkyMania update to date! Sorry it took so long, but it's finally here!

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23 days ago

SkyMania Bug Fix Update


Hello! Just a minor bug fix/change update. Due to this, the version number isn't changing yet. Lets get into it!



+Added a Key Collector near the caved in Lost Cavern

  -You can trade in any existing halloween keys into legendary keys

+Changed voting messages from yellow to green

  -This was an oversight from SpookMania that was just never changed

+Staff ranks are now shown in tab instead of showing ``STAFF`` in yellow text

  -This is a network wide change



Thats literally it. Have a good new year everyone!

23 days ago