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SkyMania BETA v0.8 | The Farming Update
Started by AquatiCraft Staff

SkyMania BETA v0.8 | The Farming Update


HEY HEY HEY! We are finally ready to release BETA v0.8! First, sorry for all the delays and stuff. Now, enjoy the update!



+Added the farming block

  -This will automatically farm wheat for you. You do need to place the seeds though

  -The farm land does NOT need to be watered for this to work

  -Carrots and Potatoes do not work right now. We are currently working on fixing this

  -You can get the farm block at the farmer merchant. He is now located in...

+The farm shack!

  -The SkyMania government gave funding for the farmer merchant to finally get a better shop. 

  -He has a farm in the back of his shack! Feel free to admire it...

+Obsidian Mine

  -This is located past the Emerald Mine

  -Face off against the Obsidian Warden to get Obsidian Fragments

  -Use Obsidian Fragments to collect the full armor set and weapons

+New Weapon

  -The Confusing Flint and Steel

  -I'm not sure why you would fight with this, but go ahead i guess...

  -Its located at the villager in the iron and gold mine


Bug Fixes:

-Voting links now work (except for VoteMC)

-Lessened packet issues


Known Bugs:

-Mobs are disabled on Islands

-Beacons and lucky blocks are broken


We thank you for your patience during all this downtime. Have a good day!

About 1 month ago