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SkyMania BETA 0.7 | The Reel Power Update
Started by GamingDestiny

SkyMania BETA v0.7 | The Reel Power Update


HEY! We are REELY excited (haha, get it?) to release this update! Make sure you read up on it.



+Introduced custom fishing!

  -The loot pool is somewhat limited right now, but more stuff will be added as time goes on. 

  -The fishing merchant can help you with all of your fishing needs!


  -We have added custom abilities with beacons! Make sure to check them out.

  -One way to get a nether star is from...

+Lucky Blocks!

  -You can craft them with 8 gold and a dispenser. 

  -The Luck Master guards the Lucky Source! The Lucky Source powers all the lucky blocks on the server!

+Spawn addition

  -Added slabs to spawn

  -Started working on a parkour



Bug Fixes:

-Fixed Bank System bugs

-Crushed many more bugs

-Removed Herobrine


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2 months ago

Ha, removed herobrine

Sincerely- SirStamps 😺
2 months ago