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GamingDestiny GamingDestiny20 hours ago
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Attention Aquaticrafters, we have a NEW REALM! Bedwars is now open to the public! You can right-click the npc or join with the server selector. 


Note: this realm is not apart of the AquatiCraft network Bedrock support beta. Please use Java edition to play Bedwars

GamingDestiny GamingDestiny9 days ago
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Hello, Its your local GD here! We have two BIG announcements for the future of the network. Read on to learn more:


First, WE ARE NOT CLOSING! This is poggers news.


Second, We are announcing BETA BEDROCK SUPPORT for Aquaticraft! This is currently working on SkyMania and Hub. Please note that this is a BETA and things will not be perfect. You can also link your java and bedrock accounts! Type ``/linkaccount`` on Java Edition for more info, View the attached screenshot for how to join on Bedrock Edition


realaj_ realaj_23 days ago
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SkyMania RELEASE v1.0 | "The Beginning" Update


Hey hey hey everyone! The time has finally come.... its the beginning of the new chapter of SkyMania. Read the full changelog below!



+Changed SkyBlock cores

  -This means that your island has been reset. However, inventories, enderchests, and player vaults have not been reset.

+Revamped Bank System

  -Its now tied into the new SkyBlock core.

  -Any bank balance from the old bank system has been deposited into your personal account balance.

+Sell wands

  -Left click a chest with a sell wand to see how many items are in it and its sell value.


realaj_ realaj_about 1 month ago
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Hey players! I know you know what teasers are, so..

Skymania Daily is a daily "news" kinda thing, I post info about Skymania and it's wacky origins. Tune in!

AquatiCraft Staff AquatiCraft Staffabout 1 month ago
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SkyMania BETA v0.8 | The Farming Update


HEY HEY HEY! We are finally ready to release BETA v0.8! First, sorry for all the delays and stuff. Now, enjoy the update!



+Added the farming block

  -This will automatically farm wheat for you. You do need to place the seeds though

  -The farm land does NOT need to be watered for this to work

  -Carrots and Potatoes do not work right now. We are currently working on fixing this

  -You can get the farm block at the farmer merchant. He is now located in...

+The farm shack!

  -The SkyMania government gave funding for the farmer merchant to finally get a better sh...